Friday, March 10, 2006

View hundreds of historical pictures of Galesburg online!

Explore Galesburg's Past. Vaudeville theaters, city founder's homes and streetcars are some of the images of Galesburg that have been digitized as part of the Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Photo Archive.

The library's collection of 19th century glass plate negatives has been scanned and catalogued as well as hundreds of photographs. The archive is searchable by keywords relating to the photographic content.

The UVM site is a wonderful way to explore Galesburg's history. Gather friends and family members together and enjoy a nostalgic virtual tour to O.T. Johnson's Department Store, a Civil War era train depot or St. Mary's boarding school in Knoxville. Admire the engineering of the Gale automobile or Ferris wheel. Participate in parades, festivals, county fairs, nutting parties and horse races. Visit Lombard College, Knox College and the Purington Brick Company yard. Your journey begans with your computer.

Start your journey now..

Learn more about local history!

Each month, Patty Mosher, the library's archivist writes a article about local history using the library's archival materials for Off the Shelf, the library's newsletter. In the past year, she has written articles about local inventor and industrialist, Gustav Wenzelmann; the "daring" 1879 bank robbery of the Farmers and Mechanics Bank; 1905 Thanksgiving festivities; the history of the Custer Hotel; and many other topics. The articles are always full of interesting and often little known local details!

Off the Shelf is available at the library and via the library's website.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do you know anything about this photo?

Do you recognize anyone in this photo? Any idea where it was taken or when?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Can you identify this picture?

The archive has no information about this gathering. Can you help us date the photo or identify the individuals or surroundings in the photograph?